Recovery – Day 2

I’ve discovered that adding ibuprofen to the mix helps keep the swelling down somewhat, and so today I was able to have about 1oz of a banana/cashew butter/coconut milk smoothie, and about 4oz of a Bolthouse Farms protein shake. I’m currently eyeing a cup of vegetable broth with trepidation, as it didn’t go well on my first attempt. We shall see…

Last night I stayed at my parents’ house, in what used to be my room. I think it was good for all of us, because I slept uninterrupted but for the four hour water and medication increments, and apparently Mattie slept through the night. (Which brings up the ask of Night Weaning…which I think I’ll save for when I can eat real food and speak to tackle).

It was comforting to be back at my parents’ house, although strange in ways (primarily that they still don’t knock on doors!). There’s a television in the room, and if there’s one thing TV is good for its nodding off to.

So, I slept until 9am, and then made an appearance at the kitchen table to try and make/choke down aforementioned banana smoothie. (It was actually quite delicious, and when I can chew again I’ll be making it with frozen banana.) My 10am hydrocodone dose sent me back to bed until 1, when I woke up wondering where Michael was. He’d been told to bring Mattie over at noon for a few ours, but when Mattie fell asleep at 11:30 he decided to let him nap and then come over.

Aside from a mostly one-sided conversation with my sister Tara, and my mom trying to do anything she could to make me more comfortable, today has been uneventful.

My mother did manage to get the surgeon on the phone, and convince him to prescribe a viscous lidocaine to use as a mouth wash. Now I just have to get used to not being able to gargle – I’m supposed to hold this gel at the top of my throat for a few seconds so it can numb my surgical sites, but mostly it either slides down my trachea (and I choke and cough) or I start to swallow it (and I gag). Or, it sits on my tongue, and then that’s numb. When I did get it in the right spot, though, it was WONDERFUL. So, I’m going to keep trying.

The regimen is as follows:

Hydrocodone/acetaminophen 7.5/500, 15ml every 4 hours
Ibuprofen, 4tsp every 6 hours
Augmentin, 3ml 3x daily
Lidocaine gel rinse, 15ml every 3 hours
Chloraseptic spray, 4 sprays every 2 hours

That, and ice chips all day, sips of water when I can swallow, and some form of “real” food (pedialyte, protein shake, etc) about an hour after the hydrocodone dose kicks in – just before I fall asleep.

I haven’t figured out what to do about my tongue, which has a big lumpy sore on it from the clamp they used, or how to brush my teeth (not allowed to use toothpaste) without hurting myself but it’ll happen, I’m sure.

I’m definitely feeling more positive today than yesterday – it hurts an equal amount, but the fact that the swelling is down has been a huge help. I think simply having nutrients in my body for the first time since Wednesday, and a good night of sleep, helped immensely.

Here’s hoping progress continues! I’ve heard most people say it gets worse around the sixth or seventh day, when the scabs from cauterization come off, but I’m going to do as Michael always says: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Big thanks to my mom and dad for letting me sleep there last night, to my mom for checking on me at 2:30am and making sure I always had ice, water, and whatever else I needed, to my dad for driving me there and not trying to make me talk, to Tara for buying the protein shakes and pedialyte freezer pops I could eat, and to Josh for the laughs. Not to mention, thanks to Michael for taking his first night alone with Mattie in stride, and pushing me to eat when I just want to sleep. I don’t know where I’d be without everyone 🙂

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