Recovery Day 1, Part 2

To continue the saga begun in this post

Michael got me home at about 3pm yesterday, after a trip to the pharmacy for a gigantic bottle of hydrocodone/acetaminophen and two bottles of augmentin. Ny the time we got to Bellefonte I was sleeping with my head propped on the back of Mattie’s car seat.

After I crawled up stairs and into bed, we got the warm-air humidifier set up next to the bed and Michael gave me my medicine. He also brought up a big jug of water, and the left me to sleep…which I did, until around six, when I woke up from the pain.

I’m not sure how to describe the feeling of this – first, is the clogged, swollen, choking feeling I described earlier. Second, is outright pain from four cauterizer sites where my tonsils and adenoids were removed. These make it so that when I swallow – be it saliva, water, or medication – I start to cry.

Around 6pm I managed to get out of bed, and Michael tried to get me to drink a protein shake. I found that it was nearly impossible to swallow, so after about 2oz of it I was gagging so much I gave up.

Last night was a seemingly endless cycle of sleeping for two or three hours, waking in pain, choking down some water and some medicine, and then trying to sleep sitting up. I was starting to feel like my throat was closing in on itself – which, as long as I can breathe, is pretty normal.

Today has been more of the same, except that I’ve been trying to stay awake so that I can stay hydrated. Apparently the absolute worst thing I can do is to let my throat dry out, as that will increase swelling, make the scabs larger and thicker, and make the healing process longer (not to mention the pain worse).

So far I haven’t had anything but water and that small amount of protein shake, which may be contributing to my awful mood. Between my pain and hunger, and Mike’s having to be sole caregiver for Mattie, tensions are a bit high here. Lucky for us, I can’t talk so it’s not possible to have a fight. For now I’m hiding in our room while Michael tries to get Mattie to sleep.

More later, as the healing continues…I’ve heard almost unanimously that it gets worse until day seven or eight, so we’ll see how it goes.

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