Do you find that you lack will power?

Compulsive eating? Not exercising? Not finishing tasks that you begin? Try this three minute exercise.  Do it once a day and you’ll quickly find yourself much more able to stick to your commitments.

I found it nearly impossible to do at first – I fought it the entire way, too.  And now, I do it for eleven minutes every day…just to be sure that I can.


First, stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.  Stand tall, and don’t let your shoulders round or your neck arch forward.

Bring your arms up on either side, parallel to the ground and perpendicular to your body.  In other words, make a T.

Press your fingertips into the pads at the base of your fingers and stick your thumbs UP.  Your fingers should be bent at the first knuckle, not the where they join your palm.

Holding your arms straight out, begining with your thumbs pointing straight up, rotate your hands forward – so that your thumbs are pointing straight ahead of you (or even straight down, depending on what you’re comfortable with).  Now rotate them back so that your thumbs are pointing up.  This need not be a dramatic movement, and you can also rotate your wrists a bit to create a churning motion.

Continue for three minutes, keeping your arms UP, your shoulders BACK, and your head facing forward.  As far as speed is concerned, I do one complete up-down-up rotation about every second.  However, you can do this as slow or as fast as you need to – just DO IT!  I promise: nothing is going to fall off, nothing is going to be injured, and you’re not going to hurt yourself.

If you find it difficult, focus on deep abdominal breathing and keep reminding yourself – you CAN do this…all you have to do is complete the task at hand and not let yourself back down (no matter how much your negative mind is telling you to stop!)

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