October 2010 Harper’s Index

Total number of pages in the financial reform bill enacted by Congress in July: 848

Number of pages in the bills that created Social Security and the Federal Trade Commission, respectively: 29, 8

Percentage of this year’s federal budget deficit attributable to Bush-era tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: 38

Net change in the amount of money kept in U.S. stock-based mutual funds since 2007: –$249,400,000,000

Percentage of all revenue earned by S&P 500 companies last year that came from outside the United States: 47

Percentage of all U.S. railway freight cars that are currently in storage: 23

Percentage of municipal workers in Maywood, California, who were laid off in July: 100

Date on which the Oakland Police stopped responding to burglaries not in progress due to a budget shortfall: 8/2/10

Chance that a U.S. worker plans to change jobs when the recession ends: 1 in 3

Date that United Farm Workers began “Take Our Jobs,” a campaign asking legal U.S. residents to work as farm laborers: 6/24/10

Number so far who have been willing to do so: 14

Percentage of Oklahoma’s population that is Muslim: 0.81

Date on which its state legislature approved a referendum to ban judges from using shari’ah law in their decisions: 5/24/10

Date on which an evangelical Christian congregation in Gainesville, Florida, scheduled a Koran burning at its church: 9/11/10

Percentage of Afghans in a July survey who said they believed NATO forces were in Afghanistan to rebuild the country: 1

Percentage who said NATO was there to destroy Islam: 9

Number of Aerial Achievement Medals awarded by the Air Force to drone operators since January 2009: 3,497

Number awarded to pilots of manned aircraft during that time: 1,408

Minimum number of people prosecuted so far by the Obama Administration for leaking classified documents: 4

Number prosecuted under the Bush Administration: 0

Number of instances in which the New York Times characterized the practice of waterboarding as torture before 2004: 44

Number of times that it has since then: 2

Estimated number of “behavior detection officers” employed in U.S. airports to spot potentially dangerous travelers: 3,000

Percentage of the officers’ 266,000 referrals since 2006 that led to arrests: 0.7

Chance that an American adult is either incarcerated, on probation, or on parole: 1 in 31

Chances that a Chinese criminal prosecution will result in a guilty verdict: 9 in 10

Number of the world’s ten largest banks that were Chinese-owned in 2000 and 2010, respectively: 0, 4

Date on which the Xinglong Big Family Mall in Shenyang, China, opened a “venting store” for women: 3/8/10

Minimum amount a woman must spend in the mall to enter the store and destroy household furniture and electronics: $6

Percentage change in sales of birth control for women in the United States since 2007: +13

Chance that a Briton who has sent a sexually explicit text message has sent one to the wrong person: 1 in 5

Price of a lingerie calendar produced by the Czech Public Affairs Party featuring twelve female members of parliament: $20.73

Percentage of Americans who say they would have cosmetic surgery if they could afford it: 69

Percentage increase in the number of U.S. buttock-augmentation surgeries performed since 2008: 37

Inches by which the average width of a seat in a U.S. performing-arts theater has increased since 1990: 1

Percentage change since 2008 in the number of Americans who say they exercise regularly: +6

Percentage change in the number who are obese: 0

Number of different Halloween costumes a San Diego company markets for sale as “sassy & sexy”: 51

Date on which a Dutch porn star pledged to “give a BJ” to her Twitter followers if the Netherlands won the World Cup: 6/28/10

Number of people who signed up to follow her between then and the World Cup final: 105,269

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