Pay it Forward

This year’s international Pay it Forward Day is this Thursday, April 29th. It has now spread to 120,000+ people in 21 countries around the world, and is set to inspire some wonderful random acts of kindness. It would great to have your support. Help spread the word and let’s make this world that little bit brighter:

Visit for more information. You can also print “Pay it Forward” cards, to pass on to people and encourage them to do the same! Be part of the few that do, rather than the many who talk about it.

What random acts of kindness will you pay forward on the day? Here are some ideas:

  • Can for kindness – you can collect cans of non perishable foods and give to a refuge or other organization who would benefit
  • Soap Saver – Getting a bunch of people who all travel for work and stay at lots of hotels to donate the free soap, shampoo and conditioner towards a group that would benefit
  • Book Giving – Collect books and distribute to needy groups (which might be in a poor country)
  • Charity Day – Sausage sizzle, selling chocolates etc. to raise money for a local charity in need
  • Hospital – many patients have to pay for the use of the television……..perhaps you can ask the company involved to offer discounted or free TV for patients on PIFD (or provide some gifts that sick patients might enjoy)
  • Buying the train or bus ticket for the person behind you (+give them a card)
  • Donating some of your professional services to someone in need on the day – free hour consultation / etc….
  • Buy a stranger a cup of coffee and leave a Pay it Forward card for them
  • On a rainy day, buy a few umbrella’s and give them to those who don’t have one and are getting wet. You could attach a Pay it Forward Card to the umbrella
  • Visit your local church and ask if there is any family that might need your help
  • You may consider becoming a Pay it Forward champion and promoting the day to your local community. That way, more people of all ages are inspired to pay the kindness forward

Here’s the facebook book group you may wish to join
(we are aiming for 10,000 members by Thursday)

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