Another pointless death

As many of you may have heard by now, PSU student Joe Dado was found dead on Monday evening after a 48 hour search.  I won’t bother going into the details, since you can find them on the Centre Daily Times website, or at the Collegian site.  The salient facts are that an 18 year old child left his dorm room on Saturday evening.  He went to not one but two fraternities, where he was furnished with what appears to have been a substantial amount of alcohol.  Then, on his way home at 3 AM, he fell in a stairwell and died.

Although it’s obviously impossible for me to tell with certainty, I’m confident that alcohol was a deciding factor in his death.  I’m also confident that if he weren’t at the fraternities that night, he would still be alive. Every weekend – and most weekdays – I see children behaving badly downtown. I see them drinking too much and taking risks they should never take. I’ve nearly killed several myself when they play a game I like to call “idiot”: they deliberately step in front of a moving vehicle and wave their arms. This is to prove that they’re manly and can stop traffic. Those who spit on said vehicle are given bonus slaps on the back.

I’ve known women who were sexually assaulted at fraternities. I’ve known men who were sexually assaulted at fraternities. And outside of the fraternities, the bars, who all display that oh-so cute “VIP” poster (a notice that they won’t serve a “Visibly Intoxicated Person”), contribute to the problem just as heavily. The ER is full each weekend with cases of alcohol poisoning, and our already tired police force has no way to control the situation.

Making PSU the “Number One Party School” is something many of my fellow students are proud of. I, rather, am ashamed. Parents send their kids here for an education, and instead they’re sending them into a hotbed of binge drinking, sorostitutes, and frassholes. (Don’t get me started on the ‘sorostitute’ phenom – I’ve seen so-called outfits being paraded downtown that would get them arrested in any other city). It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, or until someone dies. And in this case, someone died. An 18 year old child with his entire life ahead of him was pulled into a sick society that exists on campus and downtown, and he unfortunately paid for it.

Regrettably, this community does not learn.

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